DD Form 2130-2 – C-130 E/H/J Load Plan

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 2130-2 – C-130 E/H/J Load Plan – The DD Form 2130-2 is an important document for any personnel involved in the loading and unloading of a C-130 E H J aircraft. It provides clear instructions on how to properly and safely load the aircraft with cargo, passengers, and/or equipment. Knowing how to properly fill out this form is essential for accurate load plans that ensure the safety and security of all personnel aboard the aircraft.

Download DD Form 2130-2 – C-130 E/H/J Load Plan

Form Number DD Form 2130-2
Form Title C-130 E/H/J Load Plan
Edition Date 6/1/2016
File Size  4 MB

What is a DD Form 2130-2?

A DD Form 2130-2 is a form used for the C-130 E, H, and J Load Plan. It is an official document that must be completed in order to properly plan the loading of cargo onto aircraft. The form includes various fields such as the center of gravity, load weight, and other related information. Furthermore, it also includes outlines of how to set up the cargo configuration on the aircraft as well as a load diagram showing all loads in place. This document must be completed accurately by qualified personnel in order to ensure a safe and secure loading process. Once completed, this form should be submitted along with other necessary paperwork during transport operations. Further details regarding requirements can be found in applicable regulations and technical manuals applicable to an individual’s particular mission set.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2130-2?

The DD Form 2130-2, also known as the C-130 E H J Load Plan form, is used to record the weight and balance of cargo for transport in a C-130 aircraft. This includes any airlift mission conducted by the US Air Force or Department of Defense. The form records load data such as cargo type, size, weight, and center of gravity location. Additionally, it provides an outline for calculating overall aircraft balancing information. The form can be filled out manually with paper or electronically with computers or other digital devices.

The DD Form 2130-2 can be found on various websites dedicated to providing forms for military personnel and civilians alike. It is typically available from government agencies like the Air Mobility Command (AMC) website or through online suppliers like Forms Pro Plus LLC which specializes in providing downloadable documents for military personnel. Additionally, many online forums have members who are willing to provide copies of this form upon request to those looking to use it. Finally, there are some organizations that offer pre-filled electronic versions of this very same form that can be accessed at any time by registering on their website.

DD Form 2130-2 – C-130 E/H/J Load Plan

The DD Form 2130-2 is commonly used to plan the loading of C-130 E H J aircraft. It includes information about the cargo and passengers, as well as seating and stowage diagrams for both aircrew and passengers. The form also outlines the detailed requirements for fuel, equipment, and supplies. Additionally, it provides instructions on how to prepare a load manifest and fill out a weight balance sheet with the total weight of all cargo items onboard. The form is designed to ensure that all safety considerations are addressed while maximizing payload efficiency. To comply with regulations, operators must use this form when preparing their aircraft for flight operations involving these specific models of C-130s. Furthermore, each individual item should be accounted for in order to prevent overload or underload situations which can lead to dangerous scenarios during flight operations.

DD Form 2130-2 Example

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