DD Form 2130-4 – C-160 Load Plan

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2130-4 – C-160 Load Plan – The DD Form 2130-4 is a critical resource for military personnel responsible for the loading and unloading of cargo. It provides an organized system to ensure the safe and efficient movement of supplies, equipment, and personnel. The primary purpose of the form is to create a load plan to ensure that all items are loaded in accordance with military standards. This load plan outlines the type of cargo, its weight, size, and distribution amongst the vehicles and aircraft used for transportation.

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Form Number DD Form 2130-4
Form Title C-160 Load Plan
Edition Date 9/1/1998
File Size 143 KB

What is a DD Form 2130-4?

A DD Form 2130-4, also known as a C-160 Load Plan, is a form used in the US Department of Defense to ensure that all cargo and personnel are properly loaded onto an aircraft. This form is typically completed by the airlift control officer prior to takeoff and ensures safety during transport. It provides information on the type of aircraft, cargo weight, the center of gravity location, passenger seating arrangements, and any special instructions for loading. The load plan must be approved by the pilot before takeoff and includes an approval signature from the loading supervisor for verification.

This form also includes details about hazardous materials being transported as well as any other relevant information related to the flight’s load plan. In order to properly complete this document, it is important that individuals understand how different aircraft types are configured so they can calculate weight distributions accurately.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2130-4?

The DD Form 2130-4, also known as the C-160 Load Plan, is a document used to define the weight and balance of items loaded on an aircraft. This form is typically provided by the aircraft operator or cargo loader and must be completed prior to flight. The form includes information such as aircraft registration number, takeoff weight, center of gravity limits, cargo capacity, and location data.

To find a DD Form 2130-4, you can contact your local base or unit for access to this form. Additionally, these forms are available online from various sources including military supply stores and websites that specialize in aviation documents. It’s important to make sure you are downloading an up-to-date version of the form before using it for your flight planning needs. You may also need other related documents such as an Aircraft Weight Certificate (DD Form 2524) when completing your load plan.

DD Form 2130-4 – C-160 Load Plan

The DD Form 2130-4, also known as the C-160 Load Plan, is a document that is used to generate an aircraft load configuration for cargo operations. The form contains four parts: Part 1 – Cargo Data; Part 2 – Pallet Loading; Part 3 – Container Loading; and Part 4 – Itemized Load Summary. The information provided in each part of the form allows the aircraft loadmasters to accurately calculate weight and balance calculations needed for safe flight operations.

Part 1 of the form contains general cargo data such as the total number of items being loaded, total weight and volume of cargo, type of aircraft being loaded, date and time of loading, etc. This section also provides instructions on how to properly complete each item in order to ensure accurate data entry.

Part 2 (Pallet Loading) requires users to enter information about pallets including their dimensions (length/width/height), number of tiers per pallet, total weight per pallet level or row, and any special loading instructions which may be necessary for safely securing a particular type or size of the pallet within the cargo hold.

Part 3 (Container Loading) asks users to provide details regarding containers being loaded into the aircraft such as size classifications and container numbers along with their respective weight limits.

DD Form 2130-4 Example

DD Form 2130-4 DD Form 2130-4

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