DD Form 2130-6 – KC-10A Load Plan (17 PALLETS Configuration)

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2130-6 – KC-10A Load Plan (17 PALLETS Configuration) – DD Form 2130-6 is an important document for pilots of the KC-10A aircraft. It outlines the necessary information and procedures for safely and efficiently loading a KC-10A aircraft with 17 pallets. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the DD Form 2130-6, including its purpose, components, and instructions for completion. The form is essential for all KC-10A operators as it ensures the safe and organized loading of the aircraft.

Download DD Form 2130-6 – KC-10A Load Plan (17 PALLETS Configuration)

Form Number DD Form 2130-6
Form Title KC-10A Load Plan (17 PALLETS Configuration)
Edition Date 9/1/1998
File Size 145 KB

What is a DD Form 2130-6?

DD Form 2130-6, also known as the KC-10A Load Plan (17 PALLETS Configuration), is a form used by the United States Air Force to provide instructions for loading items onto an aircraft. The form is used to ensure that appropriate loading procedures are followed in order to maximize cargo capacity and minimize any risk of damage during transport. It includes detailed information about the quantity and type of items being loaded, their size and weight, as well as associated security measures. The form also provides a diagram of how the cargo should be arranged within the aircraft’s cargo bay, along with any applicable safety precautions or special notes regarding handling. In addition, it includes an identification number that allows quick reference when tracking individual loads. This form must be completed prior to any loading operations in order to ensure proper procedure is followed throughout the process.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2130-6?

The DD Form 2130-6, also known as the KC-10A Load Plan (17 PALLETS Configuration), can be found on the US Department of Defense website. It is located in the “Forms Library” section and can be accessed by clicking on form number, 2130-6. The form is an official document used for aerial delivery operations and requires signatures from both the loadmaster and a certified aircrew member. In addition, it must include detailed information about the items being transported in order to ensure safety during transportation. Once completed, the form should be filed with other documents related to the flight plan. For additional assistance, users can contact their local air mobility command or military base where they will receive support from personnel who are familiar with this type of paperwork.

DD Form 2130-6 – KC-10A Load Plan (17 PALLETS Configuration)

The DD Form 2130-6 provides a load plan for the KC-10A aircraft in 17 pallets configuration. This is a general cargo load plan, and it can be expanded or modified to accommodate any type of cargo that needs to be transported. The form includes details about the weight and size of each pallet as well as its center of gravity (CG) location. It also includes information about the total weight of all pallets, their dimensions, and other important data such as authorization numbers, special instructions, and hazardous material notices. In addition, the form allows users to customize their own load plans by specifying the number of tiers per pallet and where they should be placed on the aircraft. All this data helps ensure that the payload is safely loaded onto the aircraft in accordance with military regulations and procedures.

DD Form 2130-6 Example

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