DD Form 2130-7 – KC-10A Load Plan (23 PALLETS Configuration)

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 2130-7 – KC-10A Load Plan (23 PALLETS Configuration) – The KC-10A Load Plan, also known as DD Form 2130-7, is a critical document for the U.S. Air Force and its personnel. It provides detailed guidance on the loading and unloading of cargo pallets in the aircraft for safe operation. This article will provide an overview of this form, including a description of the 23-pallet configuration that is commonly used.

Download DD Form 2130-7 – KC-10A Load Plan (23 PALLETS Configuration)

Form Number DD Form 2130-7
Form Title KC-10A Load Plan (23 PALLETS Configuration)
Edition Date 9/1/1998
File Size 140 KB

What is a DD Form 2130-7?

A DD Form 2130-7, also known as the KC-10A Load Plan, is a form used to create a manifest for cargo loads in the KC-10A aircraft. This type of manifest can be used to allocate up to 23 pallets of cargo within the aircraft. The form is divided into four sections: Aircraft Data Block (ADB), Pallet Loads (PL), Pallet Loading Data Block (PLDB), and Cargo Manifest.

The ADB section lists the basic details of the aircraft including its tail number, departure airport, and destination airport. The PL section details each individual pallet that will be loaded onto the plane along with its weight, dimensions, and other relevant information. The PLDB contains information about where each pallet should be placed within the aircraft by row/bay reference point and how much space it takes up in cubic feet or inches. Finally, the Cargo Manifest includes general information about each piece of cargo included on board such as hazardous materials declaration forms or customs documents if necessary. By completing this form accurately before loading any cargo into an airplane, ground crews can ensure the safe and efficient loading of goods into an airplane according to best practices established by air traffic controllers.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2130-7?

The DD Form 2130-7 is an official document required for the KC-10A aircraft, typically used in Air Mobility Command operations. This form is used to provide load plans and loading instructions for up to 23 pallets of equipment or cargo. It provides a visual representation of the way that the aircraft will be loaded and helps ensure safety during flight. The DD Form 2130-7 can be found on many Air Force websites and online resources, such as the U.S. Department of Defense forms website, which hosts all official DOD documents including this form. Additionally, many air bases have copies of this form available either in hard copy at their base library or in digital format via their intranet system. Some military supply stores also carry these forms on hand for anyone looking to purchase them directly from a store location. Finally, those who need immediate access can find PDF versions available online through various third-party websites which specialize in providing various military documents at no cost.

DD Form 2130-7 – KC-10A Load Plan (23 PALLETS Configuration)

The DD Form 2130-7 is a document used to plan the loading of 23 pallets aboard the KC-10A aircraft. It outlines all necessary information for the successful and safe loading, such as type of cargo, weight limits, center of gravity (CG) limits, and location on board. In addition to these variables, this form provides an integrated checklist that identifies potential problems prior to loading the aircraft. This will help prevent any issues during takeoff or in flight. Furthermore, in order to comply with military regulations and safety standards, the DD Form 2130-7 also includes space for signatures from various personnel involved in the process such as pilots, loadmasters, and ground crew members. With its clear instructions and detailed diagrams of pallet placement within the aircraft cabin, this form ensures a smooth loading process for both passenger and cargo flights aboard the KC-10A.

DD Form 2130-7 Example

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