DD Form 2130-8 – DC 8-50 Series F/CF Load Plan

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 2130-8 – DC 8-50 Series F/CF Load Plan – The DC 8-50 Series F CF Load Plan is an essential tool for flight planning and critical to aircraft preparation. It helps pilots, loadmasters, and other aviation professionals ensure the weight and balance of an aircraft are within safety parameters prior to a flight. The form, DD Form 2130-8, is used by the US military and commercial airlines to calculate total aircraft weight, cargo and passenger distribution, fuel requirements, and documents flight plans for missions requiring specialized loading configurations.

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Form Number DD Form 2130-8
Form Title DC 8-50 Series F/CF Load Plan
Edition Date 9/1/1998
File Size 133 KB

What is a DD Form 2130-8?

A DD Form 2130-8, also known as the DC 8-50 Series F CF Load Plan, is a form used to document the loading of cargo on aircraft. The form contains information such as total weight, the center of gravity (CG), and the moment arm length of all items loaded onto an aircraft. This form is typically completed by a qualified loadmaster that has been assigned to calculate and record these measurements for an aircraft prior to takeoff. It is important to accurately fill out this form in order to ensure that the payloads are being distributed evenly and that the center of gravity remains within its acceptable limits during flight. Additionally, it serves as documentation for any future inspections or audits from aviation agencies or regulatory boards. With this information recorded on a DD Form 2130-8, it becomes easier for officials to verify if everything was loaded correctly according to regulations and safety procedures.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2130-8?

The DD Form 2130-8 is available online through the Department of Defense website. It can be found in the Library section located under Forms on their website. The form is also available from the Military Air Transportation Office (MATO) and military air terminals, as well as from units that regularly use aircraft to transport cargo and passengers. Once obtained, it should be properly filled out prior to submitting it for approval by a qualified authority. To complete the form, applicants must provide information about the type of mission and applicable personnel, aircraft information such as aircraft registration number, gross weight and balance data, and cargo payload or passenger manifest.

Additionally, additional documentation may be required depending on circumstances specific to each mission such as flight plans or other relevant forms regarding the safety or security protocols. Properly completed DD Forms 2130-8 are necessary for any mission requiring Air Force resources and must be submitted with accurate information prior to being approved by a unit commander or higher-level authority.

DD Form 2130-8 – DC 8-50 Series F/CF Load Plan

The DD Form 2130-8, DC 8-50 Series F CF Load Plan is a document used to identify the weight and balance requirements for commercial aircraft. This form also provides information regarding cargo distribution, as well as necessary calculations for takeoff and landing operations. The form is divided into sections which include gross weight, empty weight, the center of gravity limits, and other pertinent details. To ensure proper load planning is done correctly and accurately, personnel must complete the DD Form 2130-8 prior to flight operations.

Additionally, all information must be double-checked by another qualified individual in order to guarantee accuracy before flight operations commence. Once completed, the load plan should be provided to pilots so they can safely operate the aircraft while taking into account any cargo or passenger loads that may have been added during ground operations. The DD Form 2130-8 ensures safe operational practices by providing a comprehensive overview of an aircraft’s load plan prior to takeoff or landing.

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