DD Form 2133 – Joint Airlift Inspection Record/Checklist

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2133 – Joint Airlift Inspection Record/Checklist – In today’s military, airlift operations are a crucial part to ensure the safe and efficient transport of personnel and equipment. To make sure the airlift is done safely, a Joint Airlift Inspection Record Checklist (DD Form 2133) is a must for any mission. This form helps aircrews identify and document potential problems that could affect the safety of flight operations.

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Form Number DD Form 2133
Form Title Joint Airlift Inspection Record/Checklist
Edition Date 6/1/2013
File Size 73 KB

What is a DD Form 2133?

DD Form 2133, also known as the Joint Airlift Inspection Record Checklist, is a form used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to document and track cargo loading and unloading inspections for military aircraft. This form covers everything from cargo load plans to safety briefings and other pre-flight procedures that must be completed prior to an aircraft taking off. Additionally, DD Form 2133 outlines specific instructions regarding the inspection of cargo containers and their contents, as well as tracking any discrepancies in items listed on the manifest or form itself. Once all required information has been filled out and any discrepancies noted, DD Form 2133 serves as proof that a thorough inspection was conducted prior to takeoff. The form is often reviewed by both civilian personnel at airports or bases where military aircraft are located, as well as DoD personnel conducting inspections before flights take off.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2133?

The form is used to assess the airlift mission, cargo, aircraft, and personnel for any type of aviation mission. The checklist contains questions that must be answered in order to complete an effective inspection. This includes items such as personnel qualifications, aircraft maintenance records, cargo documentation, and more. Additionally, there are specific instructions for completing the form which includes filling out all applicable sections completely and accurately. Once completed, it can be submitted to a designated authority for review and approval before any sortie or flight can take place. A copy of this form should also be kept on file by all involved personnel in case there is any need for future reference or review.

DD Form 2133 – Joint Airlift Inspection Record/Checklist

DD Form 2133, also known as the Joint Airlift Inspection Record Checklist, is a form used by airlift inspectors to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient airlift operations. The DD Form 2133 includes inspection criteria such as cargo loading and unloading procedures, aircraft maintenance specifications, passenger safety regulations, and crewmember qualifications. Inspectors must check off boxes for each item on the list that meet all of the requirements before an aircraft can be approved for use.

The form also requires inspectors to provide detailed comments about any areas of concern in order to make sure that any safety or quality issues are addressed before the aircraft takes off. Additionally, if an inspector finds any discrepancies during their inspection they must document them in order to track trends over time and ensure that corrective action is taken when necessary. This thorough approach helps to ensure that all personnel involved in airlift operations are kept safe while providing reliable service at a high level of quality.

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