DD Form 2258 – Temporary Mail Disposition Instructions

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2258 – Temporary Mail Disposition Instructions – The DD Form 2258 is an important U.S. Postal Service document that provides instructions for the temporary disposition of mail during a period of relocation or a transition in mailing address. This document is essential for businesses, organizations, and individuals who are changing their mailing addresses for any reason. It must be completed accurately and timely to ensure that mail is delivered properly and without delay.

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Form Number DD Form 2258 – Temporary Mail Disposition Instructions
Form Title
Edition Date 1/1/1982
File Size 63 KB

What is a DD Form 2258?

A DD Form 2258 is an Army form used to provide instructions for the temporary disposition of mail when an individual is away from their permanent mailing address. It is commonly used by military personnel who are deployed overseas or undergoing a change in address due to a move or relocation. The form lists the full name and address of the recipient and provides instructions on how the mail should be handled while they are away. This includes delivery options such as forwarding to another address, returning to sender, and holding for pick-up upon return. Additionally, there is space provided on the form for any additional notes or comments regarding specific mailing instructions. Once completed, it must be signed and dated by both parties – sender and recipient – before it can be processed. This allows military personnel to ensure that their mail will reach them in a timely manner while they are away from home.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2258?

DD Form 2258 is a document used by the US Postal Service (USPS) to temporarily divert mail from its original destination. It can be requested by anyone, including an individual, business, or government agency. To find this form, you can look up the USPS website and search for “DD Form 2258”. You will then find information about the form and instructions for completing it correctly. You can also access the form directly on the USPS website in PDF format and print it out at home if needed. Additionally, some local post offices may have hard copies of the form available upon request.

The DD Form 2258 must be completed accurately and submitted to any Post Office location that accepts such forms before mail delivery can be diverted from its original address to another one specified on the form. The temporary main diversion will last until either a new DD Form 2258 is filed or until the expiration of a period previously stated on the document (usually 30 days). Furthermore, you should note that some services cannot be redirected with this form, so checking with your local post office before submitting your application is highly recommended.

DD Form 2258 – Temporary Mail Disposition Instructions

DD Form 2258, Temporary Mail Disposition Instructions, is a form used to document the steps taken in the temporary disposition of mail. It serves as evidence that an authorized postal official or supervisor has approved and accepted the mail for delivery to a designated address with certain stipulations. The form is typically signed by both the sending party (usually a postal employee) and receiving party (recipient of mail). A DD Form 2258 should be filled out when it is necessary to temporarily move mail from one location to another such as shipping it overseas. It outlines all pertinent information regarding what type of packages are being shipped, where they are going, and any instructions or comments pertaining to them. In addition, it records any special instructions that may need extra attention while handling the package and/or if there are any exceptions that could potentially delay its delivery. Furthermore, this form can also be used to track shipments throughout their journey up until they have been delivered safely to their destination.

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DD Form 2258

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