DD Form 2262 – Receptacle Record

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2262 – Receptacle Record – DD Form 2262, otherwise known as the Receptacle Record, is an important document that enables organizations to maintain accountability for their assigned equipment. This form is used by military personnel and federal agencies to track and record the issue, turn-in, and transfer of items. It serves as an administrative tool to ensure that all necessary items are accounted for and in good condition.

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Form Number DD Form 2262
Form Title Receptacle Record
Edition Date 6/1/2000
File Size 35 KB

What is a DD Form 2262?

A DD Form 2262, Receptacle Record, is a document that provides a detailed record of the types and amounts of hazardous materials placed into a single receptacle. It is used by shippers to ensure that the packaging requirements for their products are met according to Federal regulations. The form also serves as an important safety precaution in case of an accident or spillage during transit. The information included on this form includes the date, location, type, and volume of material placed into each individual receptacle, as well as any additional information related to the shipment such as insurance requirements or special handling instructions. The form must be signed by both the shipper and recipient before it can be considered valid. This document is then kept on file by both parties for reference and verification purposes in the event of any claims or disputes arising from the shipment.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2262?

The DD Form 2262 is an important document that allows personnel to keep track of the receptacles they use. This form is used for accountability and tracking purposes, and it requires the name of the user, date, serial numbers, type, and other pertinent information about each receptacle used. The form can be obtained from a variety of sources.

It should also be available through your local unit or installation’s supply office or through their respective chain of command as well as online via MilitaryOneSource or Navy eForms sites for Navy personnel. Additionally, individuals can contact their base legal office for help with obtaining this document if needed.

For civilian contractors who need to obtain a DD Form 2262, it can usually be found at either your employer’s Supply Office or online via various websites such as ddforms.org! Finally, if you cannot find this form in any other way then you should contact your local contracting authority for assistance with obtaining it.

DD Form 2262 – Receptacle Record

DD Form 2262, also known as the Receptacle Record, is a document used to record information for every type of container or receptacle that holds hazardous materials. It is required by U.S. federal law for any business or organization that ships or transports hazardous materials and must be kept on file until such time as the material has been properly disposed of. The form includes several fields which must be completed accurately and in full; these include the shipper’s name, address, and contact details, a description of the contents, the quantity and weight of materials shipped, special instructions regarding handling or storage requirements, and emergency contact information. Additionally, all shipments must include an Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) which outlines procedures to follow in case of an accident or spillage. Finally, DD Form 2262 serves as proof of legal compliance with safety regulations regarding hazardous materials transportation and should be retained at least three years after completion.

DD Form 2262 Example

DD Form 2262

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