DD Form 2619 – Military Working Dog Master Problem List

DDFORMS.ORGDD Form 2619 – Military Working Dog Master Problem List – The DD Form 2619, also known as the Military Working Dog Master Problem List, is a crucial document used by the United States military to manage and maintain the health of their working dogs. These highly trained canines are essential members of many military operations, serving as bomb-sniffing dogs, patrol dogs, and even search-and-rescue dogs.

The Military Working Dog Master Problem List is designed to keep track of any medical issues or concerns that may arise with these valuable animals. It provides a comprehensive record of each dog’s medical history and current health status, including vaccinations, injuries, surgeries, and ongoing treatments.

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Form Number DD Form 2619
Form Title Military Working Dog Master Problem List
Edition Date 6/1/2013
File Size 32 KB

What is a DD Form 2619?

The DD Form 2619 is a Military Working Dog Master Problem List that is used by the military to keep track of issues that may arise with their working dogs. This form allows the handler to document any problems or concerns they have regarding their dog’s health, behavior, training, or other issues.

The form includes sections for recording information about the dog’s medical history, temperament, and training. It also has space for handlers to describe any specific behaviors or problems they have observed in their dog. Additionally, there are areas on the form where handlers can document any interventions that have been attempted or recommendations from veterinary professionals.

Overall, DD Form 2619 serves as an important tool for maintaining the health and effectiveness of military working dogs. By providing a comprehensive record of each dog’s progress and challenges over time, this form helps ensure that these highly trained animals receive the care and support they need to perform at their best in service to our country.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2619?

To find a DD Form 2619, individuals can visit the official website of the Department of Defense (DoD) or contact their military unit’s administrative office. The form is also available at any military installation that employs Military Working Dogs (MWDs).

It’s important to note that only authorized personnel who work with MWDs are permitted to access and complete a DD Form 2619. This form is used to document any medical or behavioral issues experienced by MWDs during training, deployment, or regular duties.

For those outside of the military who may need information regarding MWDs, they can request it through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). However, access to specific forms like the DD Form 2619 may be limited due to national security concerns and sensitivity surrounding information related to working dogs in service.

DD Form 2619 – Military Working Dog Master Problem List

The DD Form 2619 is a Military Working Dog (MWD) Master Problem List that contains the medical and behavioral issues of MWDs. This form helps military veterinarians and handlers identify and address any physical or behavioral problems that may affect the performance of MWDs. The information on this form includes a detailed history of the dog’s health, behavior, training, and deployments.

One of the key sections in DD Form 2619 is the Medical History section. This section lists all medical procedures, vaccination records, allergies, and any other medical conditions that may impact an MWD’s performance. Another critical section is Behavioral History, which outlines any behavioral issues such as aggression towards humans or other dogs. The handler must provide accurate details about how they have addressed these issues.

Overall, the DD Form 2619 is an essential tool for tracking MWDs’ health and behavior over time. It allows military veterinarians to quickly assess an MWD’s condition during routine check-ups or after deployment in hazardous environments. Handlers also benefit from having comprehensive records of their dogs’ care to ensure that they receive prompt treatment if needed while serving their country.

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