DD Form 2622 – Animal Release

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2622 – Animal Release – DD Form 2622, also known as the Animal Release form, is a document used by military personnel to release animals from government custody. The form is required for all types of animals including domesticated pets and livestock that are owned or kept by service members and their families on military installations.

The Animal Release form serves as a record of the animal’s transfer of ownership and requires the owner’s signature, along with an authorized representative from the installation’s veterinary clinic. This process ensures that all animals are properly cared for during their stay on base and when they are released into civilian life.

Download DD Form 2622 – Animal Release

Form Number DD Form 2622
Form Title Animal Release
Edition Date 6/1/2013
File Size 33 KB

What is a DD Form 2622?

The DD Form 2622 is a military form used to document the release of animals from government custody. It serves as evidence that the animal has been legally and properly released into civilian hands. The form contains important information such as the animal’s identification number, species, breed, and any medical concerns or special instructions for its care.

This form is particularly relevant in situations where military working dogs are being retired or released from service. These dogs have often formed strong bonds with their handlers and may require specialized care due to injuries sustained during service. The DD Form 2622 helps ensure that these animals are given appropriate care and attention after leaving military custody.

Overall, DD Form 2622 plays an important role in ensuring that animals leaving military custody are properly accounted for and provided with appropriate care in civilian life. Its use provides peace of mind to both military personnel and civilians alike, helping to ensure that all involved parties can feel confident about the welfare of these valuable animals.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2622?

DD Form 2622 is a document used by the United States Department of Defense to release animals from their care. This form is necessary for those who work with animals in a professional capacity within the military or government. The DD Form 2622 must be completed and submitted in order to legally release an animal back into the wild or to another responsible party.

There are several ways to access a DD Form 2622. One option is to visit a local Military Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF). These facilities provide veterinary care for military working dogs, as well as other animals owned by service members. They may have copies of the form available for download or in hard copy format.

Another way to obtain a DD Form 2622 is through the Defense Logistics Agency’s Forms and Publications website. This site provides access to various forms and publications used within the Department of Defense, including DD Form 2622. It can be downloaded directly from this website, along with instructions on how to complete it properly.

DD Form 2622 – Animal Release

DD Form 2622 is a document that grants permission to release animals onto public lands. This form is required by the Department of Defense for military installations to release their animals after they have completed their service or training. The animal release process can be time-consuming, and there are strict guidelines for releasing animals into the wild.

The form requires detailed information regarding the type of animal being released, the location where it will be released, and its health status. The purpose of this form is to ensure that all necessary precautions have been taken before releasing any animal into the wild. It also helps prevent any potential harm to humans or other wildlife in the area.

In summary, DD Form 2622 ensures that only healthy and suitable animals are released into public lands while minimizing risks associated with wildlife releases. It provides proper documentation, making sure that all parties involved understand their responsibilities in releasing an animal back into its natural habitat. Proper filling out of this form is crucial as it affects both human safety and environmental welfare.

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DD Form 2622

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