DD Form 2795 – Pre-Deployment Health Assessment

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 2795 – Pre-Deployment Health Assessment – The DD Form 2795, also known as the Pre-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA), is a crucial document that helps ensure the health and well-being of military service members before they are deployed. This form specifically assesses a service member’s medical readiness to deploy and identifies any potential health concerns or conditions that may impact their ability to perform their duties while deployed.

The PDHA process is an important step in the overall deployment process, as it ensures that each service member receives appropriate medical care and attention before they embark on their mission. In this article, we will explore the purpose and importance of DD Form 2795 in detail, including how it is completed, what information it contains, and why it is critical for military readiness.

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Form Number DD Form 2795
Form Title Pre-Deployment Health Assessment
Edition Date 10/1/2015
File Size 491 KB

What is a DD Form 2795?

DD Form 2795 is a Pre-Deployment Health Assessment form that is used to evaluate the physical and mental health of military personnel before they are deployed to a combat zone. This form gathers information on the individual’s health history, medications, allergies, and any previous injuries or surgeries. The purpose of this assessment is to identify any medical conditions that may affect the individual’s ability to perform their duties or require special attention during deployment.

The DD Form 2795 consists of several sections that cover different aspects of an individual’s health. This includes questions related to mental health, such as whether the person has experienced depression or anxiety in the past year. The form also asks about substance abuse and whether the individual has used drugs in the past month. In addition, there are sections on hearing and vision testing as well as dental evaluations.

Overall, completing DD Form 2795 is an essential step in preparing for deployment for military personnel. It helps ensure that individuals are physically and mentally prepared for their duties while minimizing potential risks associated with underlying medical conditions.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2795?

DD Form 2795, also known as the Pre-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA), is a mandatory medical examination that all military personnel must complete before deployment. This form helps to ensure that servicemen and women are medically fit to carry out their duties while deployed overseas. The PDHA consists of two parts: Part I, which is completed by the service member, and Part II, which is conducted by a healthcare provider.

So where can you find a DD Form 2795? As an active duty or reserve service member, you can obtain this form from your unit’s medical officer or command representative. You can also download it from the Defense Health Agency website or from other military websites such as Military OneSource. It’s important to note that the PDHA must be completed within 120 days of deployment and should be reviewed with a healthcare provider prior to departure.

In addition to completing the PDHA, service members may also be required to complete other forms related to their pre-deployment health status. These may include dental exams, immunization records, and mental health assessments. By ensuring that all necessary forms are completed in advance of deployment, service members can help ensure their own safety and readiness for any challenges they may face while serving our country abroad.

DD Form 2795 – Pre-Deployment Health Assessment

The DD Form 2795 is a pre-deployment health assessment tool used by the Department of Defense (DoD). It helps identify potential health problems that may affect service members while on deployment. The form comprises various sections, including medical history, immunization status, laboratory results, and physical examination.

One of the crucial aspects of DD Form 2795 is identifying mental health concerns. This section asks questions about service members’ psychological well-being and identifies any symptoms related to mental disorders such as depression or anxiety. Identifying mental health issues early on allows for prompt intervention and treatment.

Additionally, completing the DD Form 2795 also ensures compliance with DoD regulations. Service members must complete this form before deployment to ensure they are medically fit for duty. This not only ensures their own safety but also contributes to overall readiness and mission success.

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