DD Form 2799 – Employee Performance Plan and Results Report

DDFORMS.ORG DD Form 2799 – Employee Performance Plan and Results Report – Performance planning and evaluation are crucial components of any successful organization. The Department of Defense (DoD) recognizes this fact and has developed a comprehensive tool to help managers and employees track performance goals and assess results. This tool is known as the DD Form 2799 – Employee Performance Plan and Results Report.

The DD Form 2799 serves as a roadmap for individual employee performance by outlining clear objectives, expected outcomes, timelines, and measures of success. It is used to set expectations at the beginning of each performance cycle, document progress throughout the year, and evaluate overall effectiveness at the end of the cycle.

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Form Number DD Form 2799
Form Title Employee Performance Plan and Results Report
Edition Date 12/1/2015
File Size 46 KB

What is a DD Form 2799?

DD Form 2799 is an important document used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to evaluate the performance of its civilian employees. It serves as both an employee performance plan and a results report, outlining specific job duties and expectations for the employee, as well as providing a record of their accomplishments and progress over a designated period. The form is typically completed annually or at other designated intervals.

The DD Form 2799 includes various sections such as identifying information about the employee, their job title and series, major duties and responsibilities, performance standards, performance objectives, critical elements, rating levels, appraisal factors and overall performance ratings. Supervisors use this form to measure whether their employees are meeting established goals and objectives in alignment with organizational priorities.

In conclusion, DD Form 2799 is an essential tool for effective personnel management in the DoD. It provides a clear framework for goal-setting and evaluation that enables supervisors to assess individual performance against organizational benchmarks. By using this form effectively, agencies can ensure that their civilian workforce remains accountable for delivering high-quality work while promoting continued professional development among employees.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2799?

DD Form 2799 is a crucial document that records an employee’s performance plan and results report in the Department of Defense. If you are looking for this form, there are several ways to obtain it. Firstly, you can download the form from the official website of the Department of Defense Forms Management Program. The website provides access to DD forms, including DD Form 2799.

Another way to find DD Form 2799 is through your supervisor or the human resources department at work. They should have a copy of the form and be able to provide it upon request. Additionally, you can visit your local military base installation office or contact their personnel department for assistance.

It is important to ensure that you have the latest version of DD Form 2799 as updates may occur over time. By obtaining this essential document, employees can track their progress toward achieving set goals and targets while also ensuring compliance with government regulations for performance management in the Department of Defense.

DD Form 2799 – Employee Performance Plan and Results Report

DD Form 2799 is a performance appraisal form used by the Department of Defense (DoD) for its civilian employees. The form is used to evaluate an employee’s job performance over a set period and document their accomplishments, areas for improvement, and future goals. The results report section of the form outlines the final assessment of an employee’s performance rating.

The Employee Performance Plan (EPP) portion of DD Form 2799 establishes specific objectives for the upcoming rating period, which align with the organization’s mission and goals. It also sets out expectations and standards that must be met by employees to achieve these objectives. The Results Report section reviews each objective in detail based on whether it was achieved or not during the rating period.

The documentation on this form plays an important role in determining whether an employee will receive promotions or other awards based on their job performance. Therefore, it is crucial that both managers and employees take time to complete this form carefully and accurately before submitting it to HR personnel for review.

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