DD Form 2130C – Aircraft Load Plan Continuation

DDFORMS.ORG – DD Form 2130C – Aircraft Load Plan Continuation – DD Form 2130C is an essential document for any aviation operation. It facilitates the safe and efficient loading and offloading of aircraft, providing a systematic way to manage weight balance. This form ensures that all baggage or cargo meets the required standards for airworthiness and safety regulations. It provides a clear overview of the load plan to be followed, from the initial inspection to the final sign-off.

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Form Number DD Form 2130C
Form Title Aircraft Load Plan Continuation
Edition Date 9/1/1998
File Size 68 KB

What is a DD Form 2130C?

A DD Form 2130C is a form used by the US military to document the loading of an aircraft prior to takeoff. It includes information such as the cargo being transported, the type and weight of each item, any special instructions related to loading, any safety risks associated with items being loaded, and how they are secured in place. The form also includes details about the aircraft’s dimensions, fuel capacity, and pilot information.

The purpose of this form is to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken before takeoff, helping to reduce the risk of accidents or malfunctions due to improper loading. Additionally, it provides important information in case an investigation into a crash or incident occurs. All personnel involved in loading must sign off on the form before take-off is authorized.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2130C?

DD Form 2130C is an important document in the aircraft cargo industry, as it outlines the specific load plan for a given flight. It is typically provided by the shipper or carrier and must be filled out prior to loading any cargo onto an aircraft. The form can be found on the United States Department of Defense website and can also be requested from any military base, air force base, or Naval Air Station.

Additionally, many airlines will have copies of this form available at their ticketing and freight desks. Once completed, the DD Form 2130C should be submitted to the ground crew before loading any cargo onto an aircraft. The form is designed to ensure that all essential safety precautions are taken when transporting cargo via aircraft and that all weight limits are met before takeoff.

DD Form 2130C – Aircraft Load Plan Continuation

The DD Form 2130C is a continuation of the aircraft load plan. This form is used in conjunction with the DD Form 2131 to provide an additional page for information that does not fit on the first page. The form is divided into three sections, each with its own purpose. The first section is used to list any items not listed on the first page and their weight, center of gravity (CG) location, and arm lengths (distance from CG).

The second section provides information about any items that require special loading instructions or documentation such as hazardous materials. Finally, the third section includes a signature line where personnel verifies that all listed loads are properly secured and balanced before the flight. The completion of both forms ensures safe aircraft loading and balances which are necessary for proper airmanship during flight operations.

DD Form 2130C Example

DD Form 2130C

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